Faculty / Student Chapter

Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE )

Committee List

S.N. Name of Staff Designation Membership  No.
1 Dr. N.G.Nikam Principal ,GCOERC LM 6898
2 Dr.S.D.Kalpande Vice Principal, GCOERC LM2564
3 Dr.C.D.Mohod H.O.D.(Mechanical) LM52214
4 Dr.V. M.Natraj H.O.D.(Civil)
5 Prof. S.G.Shukla H.O.D.(Basic Engineering Science) LM70899
6 Dr. D.O.Bhavar Ass. Professor LM 58140
7 Prof. M.S.Patil Ass. Professor LM68446
8 Prof. D.P.Chavan Ass. Professor LM82958
9 Prof. R.S.Khandare Ass. Professor LM82953
10 Prof. H.B.Tambat Ass. Professor LM110107
11 Prof. S.S.Patil Ass. Professor LM108701
12 Prof. N.M.Pawar Ass. Professor LM35226
13 Prof.A.D.Pandey Ass. Professor LM106334
14 Prof. Sagar Shinde Ass. Professor LM106379
15 Prof. R.V.Patel Ass. Professor LM106385
16 Prof. N.H.Mate Ass. Professor LM35226
17 Prof. C.D.Patil Ass. Professor LM70895
18 Prof. Pallavi S.Jadhav Ass. Professor LM106364
19 Prof. Chetan Kankariya Ass. Professor LM106328
20 Mr. Hemant D.Zambare Purchase Off. LM70893
21 Prof. Ajay Chaudhari Ass. Professor LM129422
22 Prof. Pallavi Padalkar Ass. Professor  LM129423
23 Dr. Sapana  P. Sonar H.O.D. (Electrical)  LM129424
24 Prof. Dhananjay S.Desale Ass. Professor  LM129425
25 Prof.Vrinda S. Bhalerao Ass. Professor  LM129426
26 Prof. Veebha Kulkarni Ass. Professor  LM129427
27 Prof. Pradhnya K.Bacchav Ass. Professor  LM129428

ISTE Faculty Chapter Activities

Academic Year-2020-21

Sr.No. Nature of Activity Name of Activity Date Name of Resource Person
1 Technical Webinar on “Googling Google- Uncover the various Features of Google Family” 30/06/2020 Dr. Mahesh Sanghavi
2 Non-Technical Webinar on "Stress Management at workplace 11/05/2020 Prof. Vaidehi Banarjee
3 Non-Technical Webinar on "Presentation Skills using Online Media Platforms 02/09/2020 Mr. S.R.Karode
4 Non-Technical Webinar on “E-Facilitation Skills for Faculties” 16/09/2020 Dr. Priya  Jagtap

Glimpses of Events

The Webinar on “E-Facilitation Skills for Faculties “was organised for all faculty members of School, Polytechnic and Engineering on 16th Sept. 2020. The resource person for the same was Mrs. Priya Jagtap.

The Webinar on "Presentation Skills using Online Media Platforms” was organised for all faculty members of school, Polytechnic and Engineering on 2nd September 2020 . The resource person for the same was Mr. S.R.Karode ,Fellow member, Computer Society of India, Nashik.

The Webinar on technical topic “Googling Google- Uncover the various Features of Google Family” was organised under ISTE-Faculty Chapter on 30th July 2020 for all faculty members of Polytechnic and Engineering . The resource person for the same was Dr. Mahesh Sanghvi, HOD. Shri .S.N.J.B. College of Engineering, Chandwad.

The Webinar on "Stress Management at workplace” was organised for all faculty members of school, Polytechnic and Engineering on 11th May 2020 . The resource person for the same was Prof. Vaidehi Banarjee ,I2IT College of Engineering, Pune.

The Inaugural function of “ISTE-Faculty Chapter ” is conducted in on 1 February 2020 at 11.00 a.m. Prof . Kiran Deshmukh ,ISTE Executive Council Member ,New Delhi was Chief Guest for this event and Prof. Rajendra Nimbalkar, ISTE Section Managing Committee Member, Maharashtra and Goa was Guest of Honour for the same. Permindur Singh, CEO ,GGSF, Dr. N.G.Nikam Principal ,GCOERC, and Dr. S.D.Kalpande ,Vice Principal GCOERC were present for this event. Mrs. Charushila D.Patil ,Coordinator ISTE Faculty Chapter given brief overview of Chapter and Dr. C.D.Mohod done vote of thanks for the event.

“Art Gallery Exhibition” under “ISTE -Faculty Chapter ” is organised on 8th February 2020 in central Library . Many staff as well as Students participated in this event.

One Day Workshop on “Team work and Interpersonal Skills” on 15 February 2020 by Mrs. Dhanalaxmi Patwardhan. Interpersonal skills are the skills we use every day when we communicate and interact with other people.Teams don’t work well without teamwork. Teamwork is very essential for achieving success in every phase of life.

“Meditation Session” is organised on 22nd February 2020 . Meditation is the fantastic way of quieting the mind in order to spend time in thought for relaxation and spiritual purposes. The prime goal of meditation is to attain an inner state of awareness and intensify personal and spiritual growth .All Faculty members took advantage of this session.

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