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The computer center at the institution aims to provide state-of-the-art computing facility to the college community. The beautifully arranged systems facilitate ease and conducive working atmosphere for the staff and students of this organization. The Centre has a dedicated Internet link.

Wi-Fi allows all students to access a range of services across our entire campus including all computer labs.

The system configuration is Lenovo All in One Machine M72Z Dual Core processor with 2GB RAM & 500GB HDD. Sophisticated and latest software has been purchased to enable the faculty as well as students to pursue their research / project works. Software and packages as per norms of AICTE and Pune University are loaded.

Along with this the computer center provides facilities for scanning & printing of documents.


Developments and changes are the laws of nature. This technology has already crept in and it can cater to the needs of diverse spheres like – colleges. This is the outstanding technology thats going to be the face of the new era the Multimedia Class Room.

There is adequate number of classrooms in campus for the students enrolled in our college. Classrooms are well furnished and designed as per standards to ensure effective teacher-student interaction. They are also equipped LCD projectors, Computers and a host of other contemporary teaching aids.

Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, Nashik has two separate Hostels for Boys and Girls.

Various outsider students prefer to live in college hostel. both the hostels are situated near the college campus. and separate Rector is also appointed for overall coordination of Hostels.

The Details of Hostels are:

Particular Description Total
Deposit Rs. 2000/- One Time Rs. 2000/-(Refundable)
Fees for Academic Year Rs. 24,000/– Rs. 24,000/-

Boys Hostel Address:

Guru Gobind Singh Foundation’s Boys Hostel, Plot No. 3, S. No. 893/6/2, Daffodil Society, I/F Guru Gobind Singh College, Indira Nagar, Nashik, Pin-422009


Prof . A. G. Chaudhari

Assistant Professor

Civil Engineering Department, GCOERC, Nashik.

Contact No : 9860126909

Glimpses of Hostel

Hostel Rules & Regulations

  • Students are expected to act in such a manner that an atmosphere conducive to effective study prevails in the hostel.
  • Students are required to be aware of all notices that are put up on the Notice Boards.
  • The hostel wardens have full authority to check any room in the hostel at any time with or without the help from local administration.
  • Ragging is a cognizable offence, punishable under the law and is strictly banned. Any student involved in any kind of ragging will be liable for immediate expulsion from the hostel/college.
  • Possession of fire arms, daggers, cycle chains, rods, iron rods or any other kind of weapons are strictly prohibited (Arms Acts.). Hostel inmates found in possession of the above will be handed over to the police or expelled from hostel immediately. No inquiry into the matter shall be required.
  • No one is allowed to take part in any type of video film show in the hostel premises without the permission of the hostel warden.
  • Unauthorized guests or outsiders in the hostel room are strictly prohibited. Any student keeping unauthorized person in his/her room will be liable to disciplinary action amounting to expulsion from the hostel. Guest may be allowed on prior written permission of the warden.
  • No student shall occupy or interchange the room without permission and proper allotment of the room by hostel warden.
  • Consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants and drugs are strictly prohibited. Anyone found consuming alcohol or drugs will be expelled from the hostel immediately. No enquiry into the matter shall be required.
  • Cooking food in the hostel room is strictly prohibited. In order to avoid fire hazards, no fire producing equipment in the room is permitted.
  • Hostellers are warned not to keep valuable goods in their rooms. Hostel management shall not be responsible for loss of such valuables.
  • Students shall have to abide by the decisions of the hostel wardens with respect to enforcement of the hostel rules failing which strict disciplinary action may be taken.
  • While leaving the rooms, it must be ensured that the light and fans are switched off failing which he/she will be liable to imposition of fines.
  • Use of electrical appliances such as heaters, electrical irons etc. are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will lead to strict disciplinary action. Confiscation along with a fine of Rs. 500/- shall be imposed.
  • Tampering with and alteration of electrical fittings are strictly prohibited and liable for action.
  • Hostelers desiring to go out of station must obtain permission from the warden concerned before going out.
  • Damage to hostel property such as doors, windows, electrical fitting, toilet fitting, glass panes etc. will lead to fine, disciplinary action, expulsion from the hostel. A general deduction from the hostel security deposit will be made at the end of the course, towards the breakage other than those, which are charged against the individuals.
  • No permission shall be given to a student to stay in the hostel after his/her even semester examinations are over, and for the purpose of preparation or appearance in any entrance test or any competitive examination he/she must obtain permission from the warden.
  • The boarders must keep their rooms neat and clean. They have to use waste paper baskets of their own in their rooms. Any waste found in hostel lobby is likely to get it cleaned by the residents of the lobby and a fine shall be realized from the residents in a combined manner as deemed fit by the hostel management.
  • Each boarder should check the fittings in his room at the time of occupation and takeover of the fittings and furniture in writing which are returnable on vacation of the room. Any loss or damage will be borne by the concerned boarder or boarders.
  • Room furniture, electric fittings etc are required to be maintained by the students in good conditions. At the time of allotment of seat / leaving the hostel for Summer Vacation every student must take over / handover the hostel room properly and carefully. They shall not break or damage any furniture and fittings. If any breakage occurs then cost will be realized (individually or collectively), together with heavy fines imposed on them.
  • Private picnics are prohibited in principle. The boarders are therefore cautioned against arranging picnic of their own without the written permission of the Wardens.

Bus Facilities

The College has adequate buses which are made available to the students and the faculty members for commuting from various points in the city. All students should make use of the college transport or should stay in the hostel. This facility has made it possible to start the classes in time and thereby helping the academic process. Our bus facilities have enabled us to maintain discipline among students.

The College provides Bus Facilities for all the students which are originated from 30 different sources in Nashik city.


The Auditorium

State-of-the-art auditoriums with good seating capacity that act as a common ground for students, faculty, and corporate personalities for regular interfaces, conferences and other events. For events of a smaller scale, the Seminar Halls, equipped with advanced presentation tools, are the ideal venue.The auditorium, with a seating capacity of 400 and centrally air-conditioning. Equipped with modern facilities like multimedia projector and sound systems, the auditorium has large lobbies and verandahs ideally suited to hold International Conferences and Exhibitions.

The Seminar Hall

The institute has the proud distinction of maintaining of fully equipped seminar hall with modern audio-visual aids. Besides hosting the monthly student assemblies addressed by the CEO, Principal & Faculty in order to interact with the students, the seminar hall also hosts various academic activities, extension lectures, educational and training programs for the students and faculty. The conferences and lectures not only provide the students with a first hand information about the working of various fields but also gives them an opportunity to get their doubts cleared by asking more and more questions from the faculty members and the Principal as well.


Annual Gathering-Mela Antarang 2020

Our college has a tradition of providing an all-round development for students, by making available facilities for sports . The college has very good infrastructural facilities for sports and related extra-curricular activities, which have been developed and have thrived over the years. There have been additions to and renovations of these facilities from time to time, for indoor and outdoor games and also for the traditional Indian games. The last THREE years has seen an increase in participation of ourstudents in sports at all levels (University, Inter-zonal, Intercollegiate, State and National). Students have won medals invarious events on different Sports activities have improved significantly. with the Director of Physical Education actively promoting indoor and outdoor games. Several students have participated in games at the Zonal, State and National levels and won accolades for the same.

Future plans

  1. Organize All India Inter University Competition For Various Sports Events
  2. Increase Interest Among Students About Sports
  3. Increase Participation of Sports At All The Levels
  4. Restructure & Modified The Gym
  5. Extend Extra Coaching To The Sports Personnel By National Coaches & Sports Person
  6. Maximize Efforts By Providing An Opportunity To Participate In The Invitational/Open Competition

Sports Photographs

Facility :-

Outdoor Games

Institute has provided facilities for outdoor games like Kho-Kho, Handball, volleyball etc. within the campus.

Sr.No. Facility Description
01 Basket Ball Court Common facility provided by GGSF
02 Volley Ball Court Common facility provided by GGSF
03 Play Ground Common facility provided by GGSF
04 Kho-Kho Ground Common facility provided by GGSF
05 Kabaddi Ground Common facility provided by GGSF
06 Cricket Turf for net practice 4 nos, Common facility provided by GGSF
07 Yoga Centre 1 Yoga Hall of an Area with a facility of Audio and Video Presentations

Indoor Games/ Facilities:

Indoor game facilities like table tennis, chess are provided by the institute the details of which are given below:

Sr.No. Facility Description
01 Table Tennis 4 no of sets are available
02 Chess 04 no of sets are available
03 Carrom 10 no of sets are available
04 Gymnasium equipment is available



College has a spacious cafeteria. At the cafeteria, dishing out menus is highly popular among students as well as staff. Students enjoy their food in the clean, well maintained, aesthetic and appetizing atmosphere. Most people fondly remember their college cafeteria as one of their life’s high points.

It is the place where they keep their creative juices flowing with hot discussions, chewing ideas, exchanging and sharing strongly held opinions and eatables.

Kitchen staff takes care to provide the students and staff a nutritious and hygienic food at our campus cafeteria. A variety of hygienic food and snack items includes South and North Indian Meals, Variety Rice dishes, Chat, Chinese Foods, Fresh Juices, Fruits, Ice Creams, etc. Facility of Nescafe kiosk is also available.


Guru Gobind singh Foundation provides medical facilities in & outside the campus for its Employees and students in association with Following Hospitals.

  1. Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Nashik
    Contact: 0253-2599300 / 6691666
  2. Shree Sai Baba Heart institute & Research Center, Nashik
    Contact: 0253-2507001 / 02 / 04 / 05
  3. Suyash Hospital, Nashik
    Contact: 0253-2318990 / 91 / 92 / 93
    In Addition to this GGSF also has renown Cardiologist Dr. Abhay Singh Walia as a Medical Counselor of Institute.


Resources available in the institution for Divyangjan

Green Initiatives / Practices

The objective of adopting green practice in the campus is to upgrading the environment condition in and around the institute. It is carried out by adopting following practices.

  1. Public Transport:
    Although college has provided bus facility for students, few of our students avail public bus facility provided by Nasik Municipal Corporation
  2. Pedestrian friendly roads
    Pedestrian friendly roads are available in college campus to provide pleasant walking environment in the campus. These are easy to clean and maintain. Dustbins are placed along these pedestrian friendly roads to keep the campus clean.
  3. Green landscaping with trees and plants
    The college is well land scape with trees and plants, Tree plantation an important responsibility is handled with due care by planting good number of trees by Staff members and NSS students every year at and off the campus. By organizing these tree plantation institute contributes to the “Vanamohtsava Drive” of state government. Staff is appointed for taking care of trees and gardens. Institute follows regular practice for the felicitation of invited guest by presenting saplings and books instead of bouquet.
  4. Tree Plantation
    As per the circular of Government of Maharashtra about plantation of 2 crore trees, We Guru Gobind Singh College of Engineering and Research Centre, Nasik is organized Tree Plantation Day program in collaboration with Shree Bharat Co-Op Group Housing Society Ltd, Nasik. We have planted various types of trees in college campus & nearby college campus some of them being Gulmohar, Nilmohar, Chafa, Raktchandan, Mango, Shankasur etc. For tree plantation total 190 all department students, staff members are participated.
  5. Use of renewable energy:
    Institute has installed solar panel to partially meet lighting requirement by solar energy Solar street lights are installed at parking areas.
  6. Water harvesting:
    The institute has implemented rain-water harvesting, which significantly contributed to increasing ground water table and reduce water expenses.
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