Roles and Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Committee

  • To ensure compliance with the provision of UGC regulation 2009 at the institute level.
  • To monitor and oversee the performance of anti-ragging squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.
  • The committee composed as above shall meet at least twice in a year to recommend preventive measures that can be adopted by the institute to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the menace of ragging in any form on campus of the Institute.

Roles and Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Squad

  • The Anti-Ragging Squad Shall make surprise raids on hostels, and other places vulnerable to incidents and haing the potential for ragging and shall be empowered to inspect such places.
  • It shall also be the duty of the Anti-Ragging Squad to conduct an on-the-spot inquiry into any incidents of ragging refered to it by the Head of the institution, by any staff , any student, any parent, any employee of a service provider and any other person, as the case maybe.
  • The report along with observations shall be submitted to the Anti-Ragging Committee for action.
  • The Anti-Ragging Squad shall conduct inquiry of incidence of ragging noticed by them during surprise raid,thoroughly observing a fair and transparent procedure & the principles of natural justice and after giving adequate opportunity to the student accused of ragging and other witnesses.

The tenure of nominated members will be renewed/reviewed annually.

Antiragging Cell (2023-24) 

The Anti-ragging committee and Anti-ragging squad have been established during Academic Year 2023-24 for the compliance of UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions. It is for Prevention and prohibition of Ragging in the Instituion with immediate effect. The details of Anti-ragging committee and Anti-ragging Squad members shall be as follows: 

committee List

      Curbing The Mence Of Ragging In AICTE APPROVED technical Institutions

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