Professor Sanjay Govind Dhande

Dear Visitor, Warm greetings and welcome to GGSF’s GCOERC website.

The world is looking at us so seriously today because we have one of the largest youth populations in the world. By educating them, giving them self-worth and the confidence to know what they can achieve and deliver.

With Team GCOERC are passionate to achieve global excellence in knowledge economy. The knowledge economy that has emerged internationally needs both managerial and technical skills derived from appropriate training and exposure to real world challenges. We continuously endeavor to transform our vision into action through active participation of both students and teachers in areas of relevance.


Strong foundation provided to our students in definitive areas of engineering offer them an edge not only to face competition but also to provide more viable solutions.

We in GCOERC impart the sense of responsibility on the emerging generation and committed to groom human resource to meet today’s challenges and to-morrow’s opportunities.

Once again I take this opportunity to invite to visit our website and also our campus.


Dr. S D Kalpande
Vice Principal
GCOERC, Nashik

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