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Prof.  Charushila D.Patil

Assistant Professor & Head of Department

Qualification : PhD (Pursuing) , M. E. (Computer)

Experience :  20 years

Area of Interest :  Data Mining



Welcome to the Department of  Artificial Intelligence and  Data Science !!!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in today's world across various domains, impacting society, businesses, and individuals.

Artificial Intelligence's importance and subsequent components have been known for a long time. They are being seen as tools and techniques to make this world better.ts importance lies in making our life easier. These technologies are a great asset to humans and are programmed to minimize human effort as much as possible. They can operate in an automated fashion.

Studying AI &DS  Engineering provides students with the expertise to shape the future by creating innovative solutions, driving automation, and addressing complex problems through advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

In our Institute, We have well equipped Laboratories with latest and advanced technology Computers and other types of hardware as well as software. The department is also fulfilled with highly experienced and dedicated faculty members.

A warm welcome to You..

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