As per new Curriculum of 2019 ,Department of Basic Engineering Science contains following subjects in its curriculum from different branches as follows:

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Engineering Physics
  • Basic Electrical Engineering/ Electronic Engineering (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  • System of Mechanical Engineering/Workshop(Mechanical)
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Engineering Mechanics/Environmental Studies (Civil Engineering)
  • Programming and Problem Solving(Computer Engineering)
  • Project-based Learning


As per new Choice Based Credit System of SPPU, Pune from Academic year 2019-20 , Engineering Mathematics and Environmental studies are available in both semester for student for learning purpose with their basic and advanced version(both subjects are covered in Part-1 and Part-2 in Semester-1 and 2 respectively).Whereas remaining subjects are covered alternatively in both semester.

Through Teacher Guardian Scheme, attendance, academic performance etc are monitored regularly and the report is sent to the parents time to time. Monthly Students counseling meetings are conducted. In addition to university final examinations, unit tests, mid-term examinations, pre-university examinations are conducted. Different types of competitions, guest lectures, seminars, quiz, sports and cultural programs are organized for overall students development. Experienced and qualified faculties take a lot of efforts relentlessly which gives excellent results.

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