Infrastructure Details

Sr. no. Description Total No. Area in Sqm.
1 Classroom 6   67 each     Total= 402
2 Laboratory 9 742
3 Drawing Hall 1 132
4 Seminar Hall I 1 132

Special Purpose Instrument

Sr. No. Instrument Quantity
1 LCD Projector 4
2 Data Projector 1

Details of Laboratories

Sr. No. Name of laboratory Major Equipment’s used in Lab


Computer Lab LCD Projector
Software sales Autodesk Civil Solution Set ( 10 users )
Toolbox,Statistics Toolbox


 Testing of Materials Lab. Universal testing m/c.
Rebound Hammer Digital
Compression Testing Machine
Flexure testing machine for 10X10X50 cm & 15X15X70 cm beams,motorises,100KN cap
Laboratory concrete mixer
Horizontal Shake Table with eccentric cam
Experimental model consisting of 12 models
Concrete Test Hammer
Universal Testing Machine.
Torsion Testing Machine
Accelerated Curing Tank
Flow table
Vibrating Machine
Concrete Permeability Testing Machine.


Env.Lab Digital Spectrophotometer
High Volume Sampler & Stack As Monitoring
BOD OXI Direct Apparatus for Six samples
Direct COD Vario Setup
Rispirable Dust Sampler
Systronics Visible Spectrophotometer 340-960nm
Flame Photometer
B.O.D, Incubator
Fine particle sampler. Including gaseousness sampling.
4 Fluid Mechanics Lab Losses due to friction in pipe lines
Losses due to  pipe fittings,sudden enlargement & contraction
Discharge through venturimeter & orifice meter
Impact of jet on vanes
Bernoullis theorem Apparatus
Wind Tunnel Test Ring with variable speed
Tilting Bed Flow Channel


Geotech Lab Tri-axial shear test apparatus(with all accesaries)
Relative density apparatus
Direct shear test apparatus.
Automatic Compactor
California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus
Unconfined Comression test apparatus.


Transportation Lab. Bump Integrator
Sound Level Meter
Film stripping device.


Surveying Lab. Total Station
1”Digital Theodolite
Digital Level, Model:DL-202


Engineering Mechanics Lab. Reacrion of Beam Appartus
Shear leg Appartus
 Force Table


Geology Lab. Mineral & Petrological Specimens
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