Programme Educational Objectives :

PEO 1 : An ability to practice as skilled technocrats to cater the needs of Industries.

PEO 2 : An ability to pursue higher studies and to work in research and development, with innovative efforts for professional careers.

PEO 3 : An ability to express an attitude with responsible, professional and ethical manner to address social and technical challenges through lifelong learning.

PEO 4 :  An ability to work as leaders that supports service, economic and sustainable development with high human and ethical values.

Program Outcome :

Graduate Attributes Program Outcome
Engineering Knowledge  Ability to develop mechanical engineering system using tools, techniques and knowledge of automation. 
Problem Analysis  Ability to formulate and analyze complex mechanical engineering problems.
Design / Development Solutions  Ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical,  health and safety for sustainable development. 
Conduct Investigation of Complex Problems Ability to design and conduct experiments, analyze and to interpret data to solve complex mechanical engineering problems 
Modern Tool Usage  Ability to apply the modern mechanical engineering tools and techniques that are necessary for mechanical engineering practices.
The Engineer and Society  Ability to provide engineering solutions to address social, cultural, ethical issues
Environment and Sustainability  Ability to apply engineering solutions with due care of environment safety and the need for sustainable development. 
Ethics An ability to provide solutions with Professional and  ethical responsibilities.
Individual and Team Work Ability to function effectively on multidisciplinary teams. 
Communication Ability to communicate effectively.
Project Management and Finance  Ability to apply technical Knowledge, principles of management and finance in relation to engineering projects.
Lifelong Learning Appreciation of technological change and the need for independent life-long learning.

Programme Specific Outcomes :

  • Ability to develop mechanical engineering system using tools, techniques and knowledge of automation.
  • Exhibit the ability in higher studies, research and other continuous professional development activities.

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