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Prof. Sandeep G.Shukla

Assistant Professor & Head of Department

Qualification : PhD (Pursuing) , M.Tech.(IT)

Experience : 16 years

Area of Interest : Cloud Computing



Welcome to Computer Engineering Department!!!
The field of computer engineering has grown and developed significantly, providing a wide array of technological advancements that many people use every day.

The modern era has witnessed a rapid development in computer technology, both in hardware and software. Each year a host of new advancements is unveiled, from home robotics to advanced operating systems, microprocessors, and supercomputers with massive computational capabilities.

With keen knowledge of hardware, Computer engineer perform research, design, develop and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks and router. as well as in the field of software, one can design,develop and test various application software,utility programs and system software.

We have well equipped Laboratories with latest and advanced technology Computers and other types of hardware as well as software. The department is also fulfilled with highly experienced and dedicated faculty members.

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