Library Rules for Circulation:

  1. Library users must bring their ID card & must sign in the entry register while entering in the library.
  2. Library facility is available to following :
    1. Students&Faculty /Staff of  the college
    2. Faculty & staff members of the sister concerned Institutions
    3. External guests, subject to an approval by the Principal.

3.    No personal belonging including books are allowed inside the library.

4.    Maximum number of books to be issued to the member is as below:

  • Student                           :    Four books
  • Faculty members              :    Eight books
  • Non-Teaching Staff       :    Two books

5.  Students will be issued books for a maximum period of 15 days. Overdue books will charged as per rules in force. 

6.  The book-bank facility is available only for the regular students and for further details students may contact librarian.

7.   The library reserves the right to recall back any issued book/document at any time even before the due date.

8. Users should verify the physical condition of the book/document during its issuing. They will be held responsible for any damage caused thereafter.

9.   Scribbling/marking in the books, magazines, journals, and newspapers is not permitted.

10. Safe return of book/ document is the sole responsibility of user being lost or damaged he/she will have to compensated by replacement or payment.

11.  No material from the library should be taken out without prior permission.

12. Periodicals and Journals has to be referred in the Library as they are not to be issued   on individual’s name.

13. Request for usage of library resources by alumni of any other external student / public person will be consider case to case as & when approached. 

14. Stealing or attempting to steal a library document or any of the library property is an     offence will attract to appropriate disciplinary action.

15. The discretion/decision of the Principal, on any matter pertaining to the library services shall be final and will be binding on all library users.

LIBRARY RULES FOR -DIGITAL LIBRARY                                           

1Student should wear college I-Card/uniform to avail digital library facility and produce it, as and when asked by the library staff.

2.   Digital library computers should be used for only for the purpose of educational and research activities.

3.   Members should not share their internet access ID and passwords with other users.

4.   Users should use computer resources in an effective, efficient, appropriate, ethical and legal manner.

5.   Upon completion of their session users should logout the computer and should remove extraneous materials and papers before leaving.

6.    Any violations of the above stated rules and regulations may results in banning of entry to library.

  1. Photocopying service is available to all members and external guests on nominal charges.
  2. All photocopying must comply with the Copyright Legislation
  3. Some material in Library cannot be photocopied because of copyright laws, unhealthy condition of book and donor restriction. 
  4. The discretion/decision of the Principal, on pertaining to any matter on photocopy services will be final and binding on. 


1.  The reading room will remain open from 08:30 am to 05:30 pm. In addition during semester examinations working hours may be extended as per requirement.

2.    Reading room facility is available for the regular as well as ex-students.

3.    It is mandatory to sign entry register before entering reading room.

4.  Student should display college I-card/uniform to avail reading room facility and produce it, as and when asked by the library staff.

5.   All personal belongings should be deposited in property counter. They are advised not to leave cash and other valuable items in their belongings and library shall not take any responsibility for the same.

6.   Strict silence, discipline and decorum should be maintained in the library.

7.   Use of personal mobile phones/laptops is allowed only for the educational purpose.

8.   Handle all the library property carefully to avoid damage. 

9.   Beverages and eatables are not allowed inside the library.

10. Request for usage of library resources by alumni of any other external student / public person will be consider case to case as & when approached. 

11.  Suggestions on all aspects of the library services are highly appreciated.

12.  Violation of any of these rules and regulations will lead to disciplinary action.

13.  The discretion/decision of the Principal, on all matter concerning library is binding to all users.

14. Follow rules of Circulation room & digital library displayed separately while using these facilities.

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