Year of Establishment 2013-14
Intake  60
Location First Floor ,GCOERC Building
Contact No. 7768004581   Ext :111


A building is considered as the safest place of shelter. Acquiring the state-of-art-the-knowledge of Civil Engineering is an important step.

Department of Civil Engineering consists of following main stream subjects:

  • Engineering / Applied Mechanics
  • Building Construction & Environmental Engineering
  • Geo-technical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering

All the above streams of Civil Engineering present the theoretical and practical aspects, required for planning, designing and construction of projects. The Design of structures come in different shapes, forms and size.The Major Infrastructure project like dams, bridges, roads, railways are the core part of Civil Engineering . In the Department implementation of Teacher Guardian Scheme, record of attendance, academic performance etc. are monitored regularly and the report is sent to the parents at proper intervals. Monthly Students counseling meetings are conducted. In addition to university final examinations, unit tests, mid-term examinations, pre-university examinations are conducted. Different types of competitions, guest lectures, seminars, sports and cultural programs are organized. Experienced and qualified faculties take a lot of efforts relentlessly which gives excellent results.

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