Minority Cell

Minority Cell Committee      

Sr. No. Name of Memberr Title Designation at Committee Contact No. Email ID
1 Dr. N. G. Nikam Principal Chairman 9689908274 neelkanth.nikam@ggsf.edu.in
6 Mr. S. G. Shukla H.O.D. ( Comp. Engg.) Member 9422777230 sandeep.shukla@ggsf.edu.in
10 Mr. S. H. Kondo Faculty, Mechanical Engg Member 8806664601  swapnil.kondo@ggsf.edu.in
11 Mr. Dhananjay Desale Faculty,  Civil Engineering  Member 9420014055 dhananjay.desale@ggsf.edu.in
12 Mr. Anuj Pandey Faculty,  Electrical Engineering  Member 9545517077 anuj.pandey@ggsf.edu.in
13 Mr. Manoj Koli Registrar Member 8698041166 manoj.koli@ggsf.edu.in
14 Mr. Satbirsingh Hundal EDP Head Office Representative 9272305551 satbirsingh.hundal@ggsf.edu.in
15 Mandal Gabriel Paul Student Computer Engineering Student Member - -
16 Ansari Salman Salamat Student Civil Engineering Student Member - -
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